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Our mission

Our mission at Terrafile is clear and ambitious: we strive to harmonize the rules for the administration and registration of terrarium animals, first in Europe and then worldwide, for all countries and continents that have signed the CITES treaty.

In Europe we currently see too much variation and inconsistency in the regulations regarding terrarium animals, despite the unity that our continent strives for. Our goal is to streamline this diversity of regulations and establish a unified standard. This will not only make enforcement easier, but also increase clarity for all involved, including hobbyists, governments and agencies.

A uniform standard makes it easier for enforcement authorities to trace, control and protect animals. It also provides clarity to hobbyists about the applicable rules, regardless of their location within Europe. This will not only increase harmony within the European terrarium community, but also provide a blueprint for other countries and continents to implement similar measures.

At Terrafile, we believe that achieving this mission will have a positive impact on the conservation of nature and the well-being of terrarium animals around the world. Together we strive to promote and guarantee the harmony between people and nature.

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Our vision

Our vision at Terrafile is simple but powerful: we strive for every terrarium hobbyist, anywhere in the world, to be able to carry out his administration of terrarium animals in the same standardized and digital way. In this digital age, we believe that these administrative processes can be digitized safely, quickly and responsibly, accessible to anyone passionate about the hobby.

It is our ambition to make Terrafile as cost-efficient as possible, so that it is accessible to everyone. Our vision includes the belief that this service should eventually be freely available to everyone through Terrafile. This is an integral part of our wider mission to promote uniform registration standards for terrarium animals, not only within Europe but worldwide.

By pursuing this vision, we not only want to contribute to the harmonization of the hobby, but also support the terrarium community in managing their animals responsibly. Together we are working towards a future in which managing terrarium animals is simple, affordable and accessible to everyone.

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