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I also want to sell my animals through Terrafile

Do you sell animals through Terrafile? Create a free account or activate your existing account to get started.

In the section "My animals" you will find an overview of all your animals. Add new animals by clicking the "+" symbol or use the "Add animal" option. Once you have added animals, you can easily offer them on the Marketplace. Go to the three dots behind the animal in question under "My animals" and select "Offer animal". Enable the slider, add a price and description if necessary, and click "Save". Your animal will be placed directly on the Marketplace and can be found by anyone via categories or scientific name.

Those interested in the relevant category will receive a notification by e-mail when a new animal has been added, including a direct link to your animal. They can easily contact you by clicking the "Reply" button and sending an email. You will receive this e-mail in your inbox and can respond to it by simply clicking on "Reply" in your mail program. Further communication takes place outside Terrafile.

In addition, interested parties can indicate that they want to be kept informed about the animal. They will then receive notifications when the price is adjusted or when the animal has been sold. If there are more than 10 interested parties for your animal, we will let you know and offer you the opportunity to contact them directly. This speeds up and facilitates the sales process.

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Administration remains important

Terrafile has traditionally been an administration platform that focuses on keeping accurate records of terrarium animals. We still strongly believe in the importance of good administration and obtaining a transfer statement. Both are essential for many terrarium animals in different countries.

By adding every animal you have with all relevant data, you immediately create an extensive administration of the animal. We therefore recommend that you not only add the animals you want to sell, but also make the administration of all your other animals complete and clear. That way you are always prepared for any inspections by the NVWA/RVO, whether this is in your shop, at home or at a trade fair. You always have your administration at hand, literally in your pocket.

The beauty of Terrafile is that you can access your data from any device. If you buy an animal through Terrafile, it will be added to your list immediately. You can then easily view, download or print the transfer statement and the administration form.

How convenient is that? Terrafile allows you to responsibly manage your animals and also buy and sell them responsibly. It gives you the peace of mind that you are always in control and compliant with applicable regulations.

Choose Terrafile and make the administration of your terrarium animals effortless and transparent!

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