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Terrafile, the administration system for all your terrarium animals

What can you do with Terrafile?

Contrary to what the name suggests, with Terrafile you can keep a good and legally binding administration for all your CITES A and B animals. But also for animals with no CITES regulations. Terrafile can be used for all animals that are kept in a terrarium (very large or very small).

Which species are involved:

  • Amphibians (including (poison) frogs and salamanders)
  • Reptiles (including snakes and lizards and turtles)
  • Arthropods (including spiders, millipedes and stick insects)
  • Snails

Why is administration necessary?

Our amphibians and reptiles are non-native animal species that fall under a protection regime. Internationally they fall under CITES I and II, and EU Annexes A and B and in the Netherlands, since April 1, 2002, under the Flora and Fauna Act (Ffw), in which Dendrobatidae have been designated in Article 4 paragraph 2 of the Regulation on the designation of species.

These regulations state that anyone keeping amphibians and reptiles must keep records for this, both of the purchased animals and the offspring after metamorphosis (if the tadpole has become an amphibian) or birth from the egg and its transfer. This can be quite a bit of bookkeeping as some species can lay up to hundreds of eggs per year.

It is also mandatory for amphibians and reptiles that change hands to create a transfer form with the necessary information about the animals, origin and new owner. This form must be signed by both parties and both parties must keep their own copy in the records.

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Terrafile also for snakes

Why should I do that digitally?

For a while it was mandatory to have the administration on paper with indelible ink, this to prevent fraud and adjustments afterwards. In the 21st century that is of course no longer possible, everything goes digital and why would you waste so much paper and ink while it is also possible online?

Another advantage is that you can access your administration from anywhere via a PC, smartphone or tablet! This can be very easy if you are walking around a fair or are talking to another hobbyist who asks if you have something from a certain frog that he / she is looking for. If you have added a photo (or photos) to the animals, you can show them immediately.

It is also possible to generate transfer forms directly by simply checking the animals that change owners and clicking the "Transfer" button. After that you can have the details of the new owner filled in digitally or have it looked up in the system if he / she also uses Terrafile. After that, both parties can sign digitally, the new owner (if he / she is not in the system) will receive the form by e-mail. If the new owner is in the system, the form will automatically be added to his / her administration and also the administration of the animals you have kept. This also remains in your administration but can no longer be adjusted.

All your data and the data of the animals are stored on ISO 27001 certified servers. In addition, the data is stored encrypted and the system cannot be accessed without a login. Safety is our top priority.

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Terrafile, also for tutles

Even more benefits

  • Up to 5 animals always free
  • Rapid entry of new and young animals
  • Search for an animal quickly with the search function
  • Direct access to an animal's administration in a stay via QR scan
  • Create digital transfer statements (always free)
  • Access your (legally required) administration on all your devices
  • No cluttered paper mountain
  • More reliable administration, transfer of the current administration to the new owner
  • Use QR for trade show sales
  • Offer your animals or search for new animals
  • A safe environment for your administration
  • Always up to date with regard to regulations
  • Invest in conservation projects together with Terrafile *

*Because Terrafile invests in conservation projects for the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the wild, you contribute by creating an account. In this way the animals in the wild get better opportunities for the future and we can enjoy our hobby in a responsible way.

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