Slang met een bril op die wijs naar je kijkt, 3D stijl

Carefree care for your animals

At Terrafile we strive to not only ensure that the transfer of animals runs smoothly, but also to support you as an owner in caring for your beloved animals. With our easy-to-use features, caring for your pet has never been easier.

Always the correct healthcare information at hand

Do you always want to know how to best care for your animal? No problem! In Terrafile you can easily view a "Care sheet" for each of your animals. Go to "My animals," find the animal you want and click on the three dots. Here you will find a menu containing, among other things, the "Care sheet." With just one click you have access to extensive information about optimal care for your pet.

Transfer with care: Automatic care sheets

When selling an animal, you are obliged to provide a "Care sheet" (husbandry instructions) to the new owner. Terrafile now makes this process even easier. When transferring via Terrafile, the new owner automatically receives an email with a PDF of the transfer statement(s), including a QR code and a link to the "Care sheet." The new owner can scan the QR code or follow the link for instant access to essential information about the animal's care and needs.

Rood maki, 3D stijl, die in kleermakers zit te mediteren met zijn duim en wijsvinger op elkaar

No "Care sheet" found?

It may happen that your animal does not yet have a "Care sheet". No problem! If you would like to make one yourself or have one, please let us know. Send the "Care sheet" to info@terrafile.eu, we will check it and add it to our growing collection. Together we are building an extensive source of healthcare information for various species.

Your experience counts

Disagree with an existing "Care sheet"? We appreciate your experience! If you think your insights are better suited to the care of a particular animal, please send us your "Care sheet" via info@terrafile.eu. We are happy to include your expertise and strive for a collection that is formed by enthusiasts like you.

At Terrafile, care is not only a responsibility, but also a shared passion. Together, let's create a thriving community of animal lovers with all the necessary information at our fingertips.

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