Pumillio on a mushroom. Photo taken by: jonnathan marin
A plea for European uniformity in legislation and regulations for animal husbandry

Keeping animals in Europe is a popular hobby, but the diversity in legislation and regulations can pose a challenge for both enforcement agencies and hobbyists. At Terrafile we strive for uniform regulation across Europe and work together with other stakeholders to achieve this goal. Here are some reasons why achieving consistency in laws and regulations would be beneficial for both enforcement and hobbyists.

Differences in legislation and regulations in Germany and Belgium

One of the challenges that terrarium animal enthusiasts face is the diversity of laws within Europe. Take Germany for example, where each state may have its own rules regarding the keeping of exotic animals. This not only creates confusion for hobbyists, but it also makes it difficult for enforcement agencies to conduct consistent monitoring and enforcement.

In Belgium we see a similar situation, with different regulations in the sub-regions. This diversity not only makes it difficult for hobbyists to follow proper procedures, but it also creates gaps in the system, making illegal practices more difficult to identify.

Our commitment to uniformity

At Terrafile we understand the challenges the terrarium community faces. That is why we are actively committed to promoting uniform legislation and regulations throughout Europe. We work with other stakeholders, lobby governments and share information to raise awareness about the benefits of harmonization.

Advantages of European uniformity

1. Better control across borders: Uniform legislation and regulations facilitate enforcement across borders. This ensures consistent control and makes it more difficult for illegal practices to stay under the radar.

2. Easier to identify illegal animals: Consistent regulations make it easier to identify and tackle illegally traded animals. A coordinated approach at European level strengthens enforcement.

3. Clarity for hobbyists: A uniform set of rules provides clarity for all hobbyists, regardless of their location in Europe. This makes compliance with the rules easier and reduces confusion.

4. No problems with international transport: Harmonization eliminates problems when transporting animals across borders, such as when participating in international fairs. Hobbyists can confidently source animals from other European countries, knowing they adhere to the same rules.

Strong together

At Terrafile we believe in the power of a united community. Together with other parties, we strive for a Europe in which keeping terrarium animals is supported by clear, uniform legislation and regulations. We call on all enthusiasts to join us in this effort, so that we can jointly contribute to a better future for our hobby and the health of our animals. Together we are stronger, and together we can achieve the harmony we strive for.

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