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Why a ban on terrarium animals is counterproductive and how Terrafile can help

Terrarium enthusiasts in Belgium are faced with a threatened ban on keeping amphibians in the Brussels Capital Region. Although the government claims that such measures are being taken to protect animal welfare and prevent illegal trade, there are legitimate concerns that a ban will have the opposite effect. In this blog we will discuss why a ban can be counterproductive and how Terrafile can play a crucial role in preserving the terrarium hobby.

1. The rise of the illegal trade

One of the main concerns about a ban on keeping terrarium animals is the potential increase in illegal trade. In countries where such bans have been introduced, it has been found that this leads to a thriving black market. Enthusiasts, who do not want to give up their passion, will resort to the illegal trade, where animals are often treated under terrible conditions.

2. Lack of education and awareness

A ban will not solve the problem of irresponsible animal ownership. It deprives people of the opportunity to learn how to care for their animals responsibly. Instead, the focus should be on education and awareness. Requiring training for people who want to keep a certain number of animals can be an effective way to ensure animal welfare.

3. The importance of data

One of the greatest assets the terrarium community can have is data. Collecting data on the keeping and breeding of reptiles and amphibians is invaluable. This information may demonstrate that many of these animals can be successfully and ethically kept in captivity. It also shows that the community is committed to the conservation of these species and their well-being. Terrafile provides a platform to capture this valuable data without revealing any personal information.

How Terrafile can help

Terrafile is not only an administration tool, but also a powerful tool for preserving the terrarium hobby. Here are some ways Terrafile can help:

- Data recording: Terrafile allows enthusiasts to keep accurate records of their terrarium animals. This data could be crucial in showing that these animals thrive in captivity.

- Transparency: Terrafile promotes transparency and responsibility in the hobby. Sharing information and knowledge is essential to show that the community is serious about animal welfare.

- Marketplace: Linking a marketplace to Terrafile ensures that buyers have the guarantee that they will receive animals with a transfer statement. This reduces the risk of illegal trade and promotes legal transactions.


A ban on keeping terrarium animals could do more harm than good. It does not discourage responsible animal ownership, but rather encourages the illegal trade and deprives people of the opportunity to learn how to care for their animals responsibly. Education, awareness and data collection are the keys to preserving the terrarium hobby. Terrafile plays a crucial role in making this approach possible, and we are committed to working together to preserve and thrive the hobby.

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