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The strength of wild-caught vs. farmed animals: Facts and considerations

The trade in wildlife and their products is the third largest illegal trade worldwide. An interesting phenomenon emerges in this context: wild animals, taken from their natural habitat, are often weaker than their captive-bred counterparts. Let's look at the reasons behind this remarkable observation and what it means for the world of terrarium animals.

1. Natural health hazards

Animals captured from the wild often carry various bacteria, parasites and pathogens. In their natural environment they come into contact with various pathogens that they can carry without becoming ill themselves. However, when taken from that environment and placed in captivity, these pathogens can suddenly pose a threat to their health.

2. Stress and transportation

The journey of wild-caught animals from their natural habitat to their final destination is often long and stressful. They are exposed to extreme temperatures, limited space and lack of food and water. These stressors can weaken their immune systems and affect their overall health, making them more vulnerable to disease and infection.

3. Farmed Animals: A safer alternative

Animals bred in captivity generally have better health and survival rates than wild animals. They are born and raised under controlled conditions, often with regular veterinary checks and a balanced diet. In addition, they do not have to endure stressful transports, which benefits their overall well-being.

4. Choose locally farmed animals

An even better option for terrarium animal lovers is to opt for animals that have been bred locally, preferably in their own country or neighboring countries. These animals have already adapted to local conditions and are less susceptible to stress and diseases associated with international transport.

Conclusion: A responsible choice

When choosing terrarium animals, it is important to consider where they come from and how they are obtained. Farmed animals not only provide a more ethical alternative to wild captive animals, but they also have a better chance of living a healthy and happy life in captivity. By choosing locally bred animals, enthusiasts can help reduce the demand for wildlife and promote responsible and sustainable husbandry.

Terrafile encourages conscious choices when purchasing terrarium animals and provides a platform where enthusiasts can find animals that have been bred and traded responsibly. With this approach we can together contribute to a positive change in the world of the terrarium hobby.

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