The Positive List: Facts and Responsibility in the Hobby

There is a lot of talk about the Positive List for reptiles and amphibians, and the anti-lobby claiming that hobbyists are not complying with the laws and regulations regarding the administration of their animals. Let's take a closer look at this issue and the role Terrafile plays in it.

The Positive List and the Anti Lobby:
What does it mean? The Positive List is a list of animal species that may be kept and traded as pets. This list is managed by the government and aims to protect the welfare and health of animals. However, there is an anti-lobby calling for hobbyists to break the law and regulations, leading to concerns about animal welfare and environmental impact.

Terrafile: Proving the Contrary
Here at Terrafile, we have always strived to treat our beloved animals responsibly and ethically. We understand that it is important to correctly record and hand over animals. We are proud to report that we have almost 10,000 animals on our platform that are correctly and responsibly administered. This proves that many hobbyists do take their administration seriously.

Negative Effects of the Positive List on the Hobby
While the intention behind the Positive List is noble, there are also negative effects for the hobby. One of the main concerns is the possible ban on keeping exotic species. Many enthusiasts have cared for these animals with dedication and passion for years. A ban could lead to the disappearance of these beautiful animals from the hobby community.

Our Role and Commitment
At Terrafile, we understand the complexity of this discussion. We strive to provide a platform where responsible hobbyists can administer and trade their animals. Our goal is to promote transparency and show that many of you do comply with the laws and regulations.

Together Ahead: Your Vote Counts!
Let's continue to stand up for our hobby and the well-being of our animals together. The discussion about the Positive List should not only be conducted by the anti-lobby. Your voice and your practical experiences are invaluable.

Stay tuned and join the discussion. Together we can make a difference and ensure a responsible future for our hobby.

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