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The importance of humidity in your terrarium: Tips and guidelines

Humidity is one of the crucial factors for the well-being of reptiles, amphibians and other terrarium animals. However, it can vary depending on the species you house. Whether your pet comes from a desert climate or a humid rainforest, here are some tips to maintain proper humidity in your terrarium.

1. Understand your pet's needs

Every terrarium resident has specific needs when it comes to humidity. This is because they are adapted to their original habitat. It is vital to understand where your pet comes from in order to provide the right environmental conditions.

2. Measure and monitor

Invest in an accurate hygrometer to regularly measure the humidity in your terrarium. This will give you a clear picture of current conditions and help you make adjustments when necessary.

3. Desert vs. Rainforest Species

Desert dwellers, such as bearded dragons, generally require lower humidity levels, often ranging from 20% to 40%. Rainforest species, such as tree frogs, on the other hand, require much higher humidity, usually ranging from 60% to 80%. Adjust your terrarium accordingly.

4. Shelters and water sources

Provide hiding places in the terrarium where your pet can retreat if the humidity is too high or too low. Also add water bowls, especially for rainforest species, so they can hydrate themselves and increase moisture in the environment.

5. Spraying and misting

For rainforest species it is necessary to increase humidity by regular spraying or using a misting system. This mimics the natural conditions they are used to.

6. Ventilation

Provide adequate ventilation to prevent mold growth, but avoid excessive airflow, especially in terrariums with high humidity.

7. Periodic check

Continue to monitor humidity, especially when the climate in your area changes, such as during seasonal changes.

8. Species specific guidelines

Consult resources specific to your pet species to find ideal humidity levels and maintenance guidelines.

Maintaining the correct humidity in your terrarium is essential for the well-being and health of your pet. Take the time to understand your pet's needs and set up the environment accordingly. This will result in a happier and healthier pet.

At Terrafile we encourage responsible pet ownership and provide a platform to facilitate terrarium pet administration. Feel free to contact us for more information about terrarium maintenance or using our platform.

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