Green Mamba, photo by: petr ganaj
The Escape of the Mamba and the Need for Certification.The Escape of the Mamba and the Need for Certification

The Netherlands was recently on edge when a Mamba, a potentially dangerous snake, escaped in Tilburg. The media seized on this incident and covered it widely, portraying the hobby of keeping exotic animals in a negative light. It is crucial to understand that escapes can happen even when owners have taken all necessary precautions. Let's look at this specific incident and why we at Terrafile advocate certification when keeping poisonous animals.

The Tilburg Mamba: An incident with consequences

The Mamba's escape in Tilburg caused understandable unrest. Although experts claimed that the snake could not move far due to the outside temperatures, the media capitalized on this and created a sensation, resulting in negative attention for exotic animal hobbyists.

It is important to emphasize that the owner of the Mamba acted quickly and responsibly by contacting the appropriate authorities as soon as the escape was discovered. This emphasizes the importance of adequate action and cooperation with the authorities in the event of unforeseen situations.

Escapes are almost inevitable

Escapes of exotic animals can happen at any time, even with the most careful precautions. It is in the nature of these animals to explore and sometimes escape. This underlines the importance of awareness, preparation and cooperation between hobbyists, authorities and the wider community.

Plea for certification for poisonous animals

At Terrafile we believe that keeping poisonous animals should be accompanied by proper training and certification. A certificate would demonstrate that the holder has received extensive training in the handling and keeping of potentially dangerous animals. This proposal is not to discourage hobbyists, but rather to emphasize responsibility.

Certification allows holders to demonstrate their understanding of the specific needs and risks of keeping venomous animals. This contributes to reducing possible incidents and ensures that holders respond adequately in the event of escapes. Moreover, this would ensure public safety and improve the image of the hobby.

Collaboration for safety and education

At Terrafile we represent a community of enthusiasts who are aware of their responsibilities. Through certification, cooperation with authorities and ongoing education we can create a safe environment for both hobbyists and the wider public. Our goal is not only to ensure the welfare of the animals, but also to increase understanding and work together for a responsible and respected hobby.

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