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Terrafile: Your key to a transparent and legal terrarium hobby

More and more terrarium enthusiasts are discovering that their administration is not as watertight as they thought. Checks reveal that essential information is missing, such as the legal origin of their animals. But why wait until it's too late? With Terrafile you keep track of everything digitally from birth, so you always have a clear overview and can easily prove the legal origin.

Why Terrafile?

1. Complete transparency

With Terrafile you have complete insight into the history of your animals, from birth to their current status. You can easily track and manage all important information, such as dates of birth, parent information and transfers.

2. Legal origin guarantee

By keeping track of everything digitally, you can always prove the legal origin of your animals. This protects you from potential fines, confiscation and legal issues that may arise if you fail to meet legal requirements.

3. Avoid unnecessary costs and stress

Using Terrafile not only prevents potential legal problems, but also saves you valuable time and money. The costs of Terrafile do not outweigh the financial consequences and stress of a seizure or fine.

4. Show your responsibility as a hobbyist

By using Terrafile you show that you are transparent and want to practice your hobby in a responsible and legal manner. You contribute to promoting ethical and sustainable husbandry within the terrarium community.

Join Terrafile!

Why wait until you run into the light? Take matters into your own hands and use Terrafile to organize and keep your terrarium administration in order. With Terrafile you are assured of a transparent and legal terrarium hobby, without worries about possible legal complications. Join Terrafile today and make your terrarium experience a worry-free and ethical journey!

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