Transfer via QR

March 15, 2022

From now on also transfer animals via a QR code!
Digital transfer via the QR is only possible if the recipient also has an account with Terrafile.

How does it work?
Select the animal (or animals) you want to transfer, you do this under "My animals". Then click on "Actions" and then on "Transfer animal(s)". A new window slides up and the option "Via QR code" is selected. Have the recipient scan the QR code.

This can be done via:

  • The photo camera (person does not need to be logged in)
  • Via a QR scan app (person does not need to be logged in)
  • After logging in by clicking on the QR icon, this is located at the top right of telephones. With larger devices, this is in the bottom left of the brown bar

The person scans the QR code, and within a few seconds the transfer will be made and the animals will no longer be visible in your area and will immediately be in the recipient's administration.

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