Terrafile is live for 1 year

6 April 2022

PARTY, Terrafile is live for 1 year!

Today (6 April) it's been exactly 1 year since we put everything live. Back then, of course, still under the name Froglog, but what a leap we have made, together with you. And we are so happy with you as users, with your input, your ideas and your comments.

Together we make Terrafile even better than it already is. We also have plenty of plans for the coming year.
We are also getting more and more known among various associations and organizations, a sign that we are doing well.

To give you an idea of ​​what we have achieved together in one year:

  • Added 4500+ Animals that are all properly administered
  • Created almost 700 accounts (that's 13 a week, almost 2 a day)
  • Pet shops that save time by quickly transferring and adding animals
  • Educations that use Terrafile to teach students about animal administration
  • Acceptance by the NVWA/RVO
  • Collaborations with other organisations/associations (and discussions are still ongoing)

We are proud of this, we hope you are too, because without you we could not have achieved this. On to even more growth, more new features and of course more new users.

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