Generate and print QR codes for stays.

June 22, 2022

Generate and print QR codes for stays.

Today we have added another feature to Terrafile. From now on, users with a complete account can generate a QR code for their stays and download and print it as a PDF. You can then hang these at the enclosures, if you scan this QR with your camera or via the application, the application will show the animals that are in that enclosure.

What are the advantages:
- You can show people what's in it if the animals don't show themselves
- You can find and customize animals without much searching
- When transferring you can immediately select the animals without much searching
- If you put other animals in the enclosure, the QR code continues to work and shows the new residents.

You generate the QR codes by checking the accommodations for which you want a QR code. Then click on "Actions" and then on "Download QR codes". A PDF will be generated with the chosen accommodation and the name of the accommodation next to the correct QR code so that you know which code belongs to which accommodation.

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