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Discount for DN members

01 January 2023

Discount for DN members

It is with some pride that we can now announce the big news, which we have already discussed a few times. Dendrobatidae Netherlands and Terrafile have entered into a partnership. We at Terrafile owe a lot to the board of DN and were looking for a way to say thank you.

And how nice is it to report that we can do this by giving all DN members a hefty discount as long as they remain a member. If you are a DN member, you can now enter your membership number on your profile page. If the data is correct, you will immediately see the special DN prices. If you already use Terrafile and are a member, you can switch to a DN package and the special price will be charged with your subscription.

So create an account, enter your membership number and choose a package. If you already have an account, enter your number and switch packages.

You can find your membership number on the address label of the DN magazine or you can request it from DN via membership administration@gifkikkerportaal.nl

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