Animals removed from Marktplaats and Facebook

14 April 2022

Here's Bug again, and Bug isn't happy today.
Bug is angry because Marktplaats and Facebook are not allowed to offer 2 Epipedobat3s anthonyi (not an exciting species anyway). The advertisement on Marktplaats was immediately removed and Facebook (of which you are not allowed to offer animals at all) even got me a ban for 3 days on my private account and the Terrafile account. Hence a message about this only now.

Bug and I know that Marktplaats and Facebook are not platforms to offer animals on. But we still received reactions that their advertisements were not removed from other hobbyists and wanted to put it to the test. This is because of the possibility to offer animals undisturbed via Terrafile.

In vain now, even an attempt was made to find out why my Marktplaats advertisement was removed. The answer, because they are on the CITES list. Another proof of ignorance of Marktplaats, because an animal that is on the CITES list is not by definition banned. So polarization everywhere.

On the other hand, it is confirmation that we have made the right choice with Terrafile to also build in the option to offer animals. We do not remove animals that are offered for sale because we know that animals born in captivity can actually inhibit the illegal trade in animals taken from the wild. You can also be sure of a transfer statement with us and you continue with the administration where the previous owner left.

View here the animals that are offered via Terrafile.

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