Groene kikker in groene omgeving

Illegal pet trade

The illegal animal trade is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and animal welfare worldwide. It is shocking to know that this trade is the second largest illegal trade in the world after the drug trade. It is estimated that billions of dollars worth of animals are traded each year, which has serious consequences not only for the animals involved, but also for the ecosystems in which they live.

The illegal animal trade includes the sale of wild animals and their products, including skins, bones and meat, as well as the trade of pets that are unethically bred, stolen or captured from the wild. The animals are often transported and treated in appalling conditions with little regard for their welfare.

In addition to the direct consequences for the animals, the illegal trade in animals also has a negative impact on the ecosystems in which they live. It can lead to overhunting and deforestation, which can result in species extinction and disruption of natural habitats. In addition, the illegal trade in animals can also contribute to the spread of disease, as the animals are often kept in unsanitary conditions.

Although there are laws and regulations worldwide to combat the illegal trade in animals, it remains a major problem. There are several organizations that are committed to stopping this trade and protecting endangered species. It is important that we are aware of the magnitude of this problem and are committed to protecting animals and their natural habitats. We should be aware that the purchase of animals, their products and pets that are traded unethically contributes to this illegal trade.

With Terrafile we can take an important step in reducing the illegal trade in animals. The careful registration and administration of animals makes it much more difficult for traders to trade unregistered animals. In addition, Terrafile allows us to accurately identify the origin of animals, making it more difficult to trade animals from illegal sources. In this way we contribute to reducing the illegal trade in animals and protecting animal welfare and biodiversity.

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